4 Generations of History

In 1971 the master artisan decides to change his location and moves his business from the Old Town, to Kountourioti Avenue, opposite the Town Hall. His son, born and raised in the old Rethymno town, takes a great decision and buys just for 600,000 drachmas, the building in 36 Kountourioti str. that had been operating as a furniture exhibition. In that building he will shelter his own dreams and love for pastry making, naming it "MONA LISA". With the limitless support from his wife Evaggelia, together they will keep their creation alive until 2005, when they decide to transmit it to the third generation of pastry artisans, their son Nicolaos Nic. Skartsilakis. In 2009 the premises have been completely renovated after 38 years, gaining their today's appearance, to continue offering -having completed 66 years- tasty delights filled with aromas of the past.